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The rules and regulations enacted by an association or a corporation to provide a framework for its operation and management.

Bylaws may specify the qualifications, rights, and liabilities of membership, and the powers, duties, and grounds for the dissolution of an organization.


n. the written rules for conduct of a corporation, association, partnership or any organization. They should not be confused with the Articles of Corporation which only state the basic outline of the company, including stock structure. Bylaws generally provide for meetings, elections of a board of directors and officers, filling vacancies, notices, types and duties of officers, committees, assessments and other routine conduct. Bylaws are, in effect a contract among members, and must be formally adopted and/or amended. (See: corporation)

See: codification
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In order to conform with CalCPA's Bylaws and address other administrativ e changes needed, a review and update of all chapter bylaws was part of the process.
The JNC under the leadership of HRH Mona AL-Hussein with a representation of all sectors in its board, is proud to acknowledge all the efforts from all sectors, including the Jordanian nurses and midwives Association (JNMC), for their contribution in the preparation and finalization of the Bylaw which took two years of hard work and commitment,".
We're putting that in place regardless of what happens with the bylaws," he said.
The court held that no principle of common law prohibits directors from enacting fee-shifting bylaws and that because contracting parties may modify the "American Rule" under which litigants pay their owns costs to provide that "loser pays," a fee-shifting bylaw (bylaws being "contracts among a corporation's shareholders") would be a permissible contractual exception to the American Rule.
If accepted by members, adoption of this new document will not only make interpretations clearer, it will also address the legal requirement of member approval for the Bylaws document under which WILPF US functions.
Required changes to the current constitution and bylaws to proceed with continuance
The changes are a result of a controversy over a complaint by the Bailey family which protested that the Choi family had inscribed the back of the late Byung Soon Choi's headstone with Korean religious symbols, counter to Brant's cemetery bylaw.
It's a mock, unreal poll which aims to know the opinion of students who aren't even aware of the contents of the draft bylaws,"(ESDP) student representative, Taha Heleish, said, adding the governing bylaws were drafted not by the students but by the ESU who do not represent all students.
The Medical Staff Bylaws at my place of employment have placed APNPs as ancillary staff and CNMs as LIPs.
The bylaws will not be amended this year but revised; this is suggested when bylaws become difficult to use and cumbersome.
Summary: DUBAI -- Authorities are planning stricter enforcement of the year-old Anti-Smoking Law as the final draft of the bylaw is ready.
This election stimulated a lively discussion about the voting privileges for members when it comes to electing board members or changing the bylaws.