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In addition to these names which clearly take a feminine form within the name itself, there are also examples of occupational bynames which are presented in a feminine form by virtue of the article la, which is a French feminine form of "the" sometimes used in early English (le is the male form).
Dictee avoids this multiplying of oppressive structures through its attention to the divergent syntax and semantics of second language practices, by writing for the "byword, byname, ghostword, phantomnation" (140).
Xun Ru of Henei, whose byname was Junlin, once traveled on icy roads to visit his maternal uncle, but died after falling into the river.
VERY few clubs have training grounds that are instantly recognisable byname.
Vergelyk hier verwysings na plekke, die landskap, natuur, kenmerkende byname, gesegdes, en verafrikaansing ran Engelse woorde.
COMING soon, cash dispensers which can greet customers byname,using new software which personalises transactions.
whose byname was Zidu, was a native of Gaocheng, Bohai commandery.
Die kinderhuisinwoners kompenseer egter hiervoor deur die wye verskeidenheid byname, soms baie gevat (maar meermale ook wreed eerlik), wat aan kinders gegee word, soos Pizzaface (vir 'n akneegesig), Killer, Puck, Bart (na aanleiding van Bart Simpson--p.
We might go on to gloss this, remembering Laozi 25, (5) as: silence is the ming [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the personal name, while sound is the zi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the byname.
Thismummy, although unknown byname, must have come from an elite family.