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Systems such as C-RAM continue to be improved, long after their initial introduction to the field, based on lessons learned in OEF and OIF.
Caption: A concept drawing of a vehicle with a vertical launcher armed with MBDA C-RAM missiles; this programme is led by MBDA Italy.
The C-RAM "system of systems" combines a variety of existing systems to: detect incoming mortars or rockets; intercept them with self-destructing explosive bullets; warn exposed soldiers; and enable timely counterattack of the enemy.
It was also an excellent use of the Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium - it was a key driver that enabled fast execution of our agreement with minimal overhead," said Mike Van Rassen, the Army's program director for C-RAM, citing a collaborative established by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics.
The AI3 Battle Element system includes: a Raytheon Ku Radio Frequency System (KRFS) Fire Control Radar, an Avenger-based AI3 launcher, a C-RAM command and control, Technical Fire Control, and the Raytheon AI3 interceptor missile.
C-RAM is exemplary for smart integration of existing technology to serve critical needs.