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Evolutionary acquisition occurred with a great deal of success with the C-RAM system.
The C-RAM's information storage capacity is said to be 256 times greater than the best space-hardened, nonvolatile memory devices available today, and is four times the capacity of today's best space-hardened, volatile SRAM.
The Counter-Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar System, or C-RAM, was developed based on operational needs identified in 2004 during military operations in Iraq.
This demonstration took place days after our article on C-rams was published.
Some C-Ram systems have been fired in anger for a while, commencing with the Raytheon Gatling gun-based Centurion in Irak, while others came slightly too late to be deployed like the Rheinmetal I Mantis, based on the 35 mm Millenium gun firing an adapted Ahead munition, which was nevertheless delivered to the German Air Force air defence regiment in late November 2012.
The German Air Force has officially fielded its Rheinmetall Mantis C-Ram system, the acronym standing for Counter-Rocket, Artillery, Mortar.
Armys PEO STRI for the development of the C-RAM LPWS OMT developed on the VE Studio platform.
Dr Israel Oznovich, Manager business development air surveillance & c-ram, ELTA Systems will present: "Similarities and Differences in Air Surveillance and GBAD radars." The presentation will cover:
* Looking to the future; considering options and integration for C-UAV (micro/mini) and C-RAM to protect vital infrastructure and troops
The C-RAM LPWS is a high value site defense system providing immediate situational awareness, precision fires, real-time targeting, and kill assessment.
He will also look into options for C-RAM to protect vital infrastructure and troops.