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Take action: Contact C-SAW at (907) 766-3005 or email Gershon@aptalaska.
C-SAW and the Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund are also leading a broader attack on state and federal mixing zone regulations, arguing that mixing zones are squarely at odds with the intent of the Clean Water Act (CWA).
C-SAW has asked the EPA to reject the entire Alaska standards package under review.
If you know, or suspect, that a mixing zone has been granted in a local waterbody, contact C-SAW at Box 956, Haines, AK 99827, or phone (907) 321-4121.
C-SAW is developing an anti-mixing zone advocacy program to help organizations fight both currently authorized and proposed mixing zones.
C-SAW is actively engaged in this process, working to tighten mixing zone regulations, campaigning to ban the approval of new mixing zones, and calling for a phaseout of existing mixing zones for bioaccumulative and persistent chemicals.