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It's a real honor for the district - CADA is the organization in student government,'' said Mike Allmandinger, administrator of student services for the district.
We look forward to working with CADA to help the drivers win fairness in the workplace and help them get recognized for the work they do making Uber and other app-based companies successful," said Chris Griswold, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 986 in South El Monte.
According to CADA, each endorsement it makes is carefully selected by a dealer committee with final approval made at the executive board level.
CADA operates programs in affordable housing acquisition and rehabilitation, mixed-use development and residential and commercial physical enhancement programs.
With the School of Continuing Education's current annual enrollment of 60,000, CADA expects to attract up to 3,000 students each year.
They sewed pet cushions out of old quilts for animals at the Blue Earth and Nicollet County Humane Society and they also crafted new, soft toys for children supported by CADA House, Theresa House and the CAR program.
Available as a module for COMSOFT's Flight Planning solution CADAS-ATS, the IFPS service will draw on extensive existing database and specialised data processing functions of the CADAS product family.