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CADI. The name of a civil magistrate among the Turks.

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According to the Gartner Group, "The Aspect and CADIS merger will leverage a number of synergies between them.
CADIS DesignXpert for VeriBest will enhance design productivity by enabling engineers and designers using VeriBest Design Capture to seamlessly launch CADIS CSM to search the consolidated component knowledge base for required devices based on their parametric attributes, such as size and material.
Founded in 1991, CADIS is the worldwide leader in Commodity and Supplier Management(TM) solutions, providing large manufacturing companies rapid, parametric access to both internal commodity data and external preferred supplier data through the Web.
The decision to standardize on the CADIS CSM application is integral to an effort currently underway at Case aimed at updating the company's existing parts Classification and Coding System (CACS).
Innovative business applications like the Preferred Component and Supplier Management Solution created out of the collaboration of CADIS and IHS are right on target for major manufacturers wishing to equip their arsenals with additional bottomline-enhancing weapons.
linking CADIS customers' internal parts data systems managed in the
In 1994, CADIS introduced the first application of the, technology, CADIS-PMX(R).
I see a tremendous growth potential for the Krakatoa technology and for the Internet Technology group within CADIS.
The CADIS Implementation Team at StorageTek replaced the company's mainframe parts management system with CADIS-PMX to reduce cost and cycle time in the design process.
We look forward to furthering our alliance with CADIS through the CAI program as we enhance the pre-assembled integration between our applications.
To bolster corporate reuse of existing commodity and design information, CADIS uses unique Legacy Data Services(SM) to consolidate data from multiple information sources and create a topological overview of corporate commodity and supplier data enterprise-wide.