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CAPE, English law. A judicial writ touching a plea of lands and tenements. The writs which bear this name are of two kinds, namely, cape magnum, or grand, cape, and cape parvum, or petit cape. The petit cape, is so called, not so much on account of the smallness of the writ, as of the letter. Fleta, lib. 6, c. 55, Sec. 40. For the difference between the form and the use of these writs, see 2 Wms. Saund. Rep. 45, c, d; and Fleta, ubi sup.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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CAPA said PAL recognizes that it cannot maintain the current year-round schedule of 52 weekly one-way flights to continental North America which is why it is reducing its North America schedule to 39 weekly one-way flights from mid-September to mid-November.
"We are excited to be hosting the CAPA Middle East & Africa Aviation Summit next year, which will be an opportune time for aviation stakeholders from around the world to gather in Jordan and come up with new ideas and solutions to elevate the overall air travel experience within our region.
Of course, CAPA does not magically fix problems all on its own; there are other QMS elements that feed into the system.
El iris rodea la parte exterior del lente, contiene una capa epitelial interna (IRI) que mide 25,502[+ or -]2,501 [micro]m y una capa epitelial externa (IRE) cuyo espesor es de 13,097[+ or -]1,977 mm, que se continuan con las capas neural que en la periferia mide 65,173[+ or -]5,871 [micro]m y a nivel central 222,929[+ or -]22,213 mm, y pigmentaria de la retina con un espesor periferico de 26,045[+ or -]4,231 [micro]m y central de 12,286[+ or -]1,719 mm.
"The senior managers and employees of the Capa division are looking forward to joining Ingevity," says Stephen Lewis, vice president of caprolactones for Perstorp.
"The Capa division is a strong, market-leading business focused on high-growth, end-use applications, and as such is a complementary fit with Ingevity's business model and capabilities," Ingevity President and CEO Michael Wilson said in a news release.
Ticket prices have not risen to compensate for higher costs, and CAPA said with the exception of Interglobe Aviation Ltd`s IndiGo, none of the airlines have strong enough balance sheets to comfortably withstand higher costs and lower yields.
Losses are driven by rising costs and low air fares, aviation consulting firm CAPA India said.
The pilot project commenced on March 2017 after an agreement that the project be conducted at Chobe region on the capacitation of CAPA teachers.
The analysis by aviation consultant CAPA India and online travel agent Expedia, Inc.
Estos factores influyen en la distribucion de la fuerza sobre la capa de cemento, lo que aumenta el riesgo de fractura (9).
"Instead of following the usual African tradition of waiting for people to come to church," the churches in Canada are "going to the people wherever they are gathering, wherever they are meeting," said Canon Grace Kaiso, general secretary of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA).