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Its findings will be entirely independent, which is exactly why the DA asked CAPI to conduct this review.
For more information about CAPI see the IBM White Paper: www-304.
In particular, the issues of the acceptance of CAPI and a lengthy instrument by both respondents and interviewers were answered favorably.
El autor de la equiparacion entre capitis y el resultado de sumar capis y pedis, es decir, el autor de la glosa, concibio la forma capis como un genitivo.
Superior client service, flexible online tools, and compliance support are further reasons why CAPIS is a leading provider of commission recapture programs.
Through its agreement with BIDS Trading, CAPIS can provide customers direct and anonymous block liquidity in both BIDS Trading and NYBX.
Comprised of five CAPIS agency algorithms and 15 popular bulge bracket tactics, Nexus is available on widely-used trading platforms including Fidessa Workstation, ITG's Triton[R], the Charles River Investment Management System, and Bloomberg.
For over 32 years, CAPIS has been dedicated to providing independent research solutions to investment managers," said Kristi P.