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Captin Al-Kishi announced that the full authority to invesigate into the accident are vested in the AAIB.
Chunca hostiapas huarancapas captin, Aunque sean cien hostias, o mil, manam Diosninchic raquircayacunchu: nuestro Dios no se divide, huc capallanmi llapantimpi tian uno solo esta en todas ellas juntas: checan Dios Christo.
I am a steamboat captin with a full load, a doggry keeper on a Saturday nite, a sportin man with four aces in his hand.
The challenge faced by Canadian Autoparts Toyota (CAPTIN), a manufacturer of aluminium wheels, was to increase its production capacity and at the same time enlarge its product portfolio.
MOSELEY: Malcolm Swain has brought further honour to England's leading Rugby club being picked to captin Wales against France in the B International in Nantes next Sunday.
Love, Captin Black." I liked especially what he squeezed in down at the bottom of the page: "P.S.
Fox example, 5 year-old girl, Minju who has learned English from 27 months old with her mother, asks the meaning of new English words, confidence when she watched the movie 'The Sound of Music.' Maria who was a nun and governor for seven children sing a song I have a confidence when she has own way to the Captin, Von Trap' house to teach seven children.
Mark Abrams (AWM), Alan Folwell (Central Technology Belt), Norman Price OBE (AWM), Paul Sadler (BRDL), and Michael Powell (Ex Captin Warwickshire CC)' Pictures, NEWSTEAM' Melanie Kaiser (BRDL)' Warren Tonks (BRDL), Karen O'Malley (Advantage West Midlands), Judith Parry-Evans (Birmingham City Council)' Alan Folwell (Central Technology Belt), Jim Glover (University of Birmingham/BRDL), Paul Sadler (BRDL), Clive Boast (CTB)' Warren Tonks (BRDL), Michael Powell (Warwickshire County Cricket Club), Jon Cullen (BRDL), Paul Sadler (BRDL), Donald Fitzmaurice (BRDL)