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What we needed was a CAT scan to help us identify the different density of bone and material in Bili's head.
Unlike traditional X-rays, the CAT scan X-ray beam moves around, creating many different views or "slices" of its intended subject.
It was only because I had a CAT scan that it was spotted,' he said.
In 1984 this was state-of-the-art medicine in Canada because there were at that time something like, I think, five CAT scans in the Province of Ontario.
William McCroskey, president of Innovative Imaging Systems, said the industrial CT machine differs from medical CAT scan systems in several respects: "The industrial system can utilize higher x-ray energy levels and must be able to scan objects of much greater variety in size and shape.
After simulation, treatment-planning computers are used to map out the radiation dose in and around the tumor, using information acquired by the CAT scan and other imaging studies such as PET scans and MRI.
From now on, the thousands of veterans receiving outpatient health care at Sepulveda -- from the San Fernando Valley all the way up to Bakersfield and Santa Barbara -- will have to go over the hill to the West Los Angeles VA for an MRI or CAT scan.
Later, a CAT scan of the patient's head revealed a right-sided temporoparietal space-occupying lesion approximately 3 cm in diameter, suggestive of a unilocular brain abscess.
The stations were designed by PDSi over the past two and one half years, at Picker's request, and are used in conjunction with Picker's CAT Scan imaging device.
The idea [of quantum tomography] is to take many measurements to piece together the state, just like a CAT scan.
The plan also calls for relocating MRI and CAT scan equipment from a satellite building into the hospital.
The Chinle hospital in the tourist area of Canyon de Chelly does have Internet services, as we discovered, but no CAT scan or MRI.