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Bili gets his CAT scan with Dr Rhys Jones, right of picture <B
The 64-slice CAT scan takes thousands of images of the heart in just a few seconds, allowing a cardiologist to see detailed images of a patient's heart and how it is functioning.
Based on the same technology used in hospital CAT scans, computed tomography makes it possible to see inside metal objects without destroying them.
I would think MRIs and CAT scans are a fundamental part of any quality outpatient service.
The closest area with a CAT scan is either Sudbury or Barrie, both of which are too far away when time is ticking, says Maciver.
Repeated CAT scans, clinical symptoms, and serial C-reactive protein levels indicated rapid regression of the abscess followed by complete cure.
Forty-two percent of the children had CAT scan findings of importance.
The Chinle hospital in the tourist area of Canyon de Chelly does have Internet services, as we discovered, but no CAT scan or MRI.
To get the scans, doctors slid the mummy--case and all--into the large hole of a CAT scan machine (inset).
Before surgery, a CAT scan generates a detailed three-dimensional map of the target.
Maggette will be taking a CAT scan on his sprained left foot, and Ross will be receiving an epidural to alleviate back spasms.