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Any observer of CBC actions over the past year will notice three consistent traits: lack of transparency, lack of responsibility, and lack of technical competence," the bank said.
In response, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting have released an online ad critical of the Harper government and their attempt to turn the CBC into a state broadcaster.
Three noteworthy legislative initiatives championed by the CBC include the establishment of Martin Luther King Jr.
He has also attempted to draw the attention of CBC readers to the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), an organization backed by an array of distinguished psychiatrists that offers assistance to people struggling with an attraction to homosexuality.
The document singles out the CBC drama "The Border," a since-cancelled series about a Canadian border security force that featured storylines about CIA flights over Canada, U.
The chief prosecutor for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which is examining the 2005 murder of Rafik Hariri had said Tuesday he was "extremely disappointed" by a November 22 CBC story linking Hizbullah and head of Lebanon's police intelligence to the assassination.
On page four appeared a full-page advertisement from the CBC proudly announcing its two latest purchases--Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune--long-time staples of lowbrow US television.
Thirty-plus years after its inception, the CBC has tripled in size.
The producers of the hit CBC television after-school cartoon Chilly Beach are running mad looking for 2-D animators, Flash programmers and designers to fill the 50 new positions they have just created.
They moved to Toronto from Montreal in 1955 to work freelance for CBC television and develop their own projects.
IN JUNE 1999, WITH THE EMBATTLED CBC awaiting the announcement of a new president, the Inroads listserv, in that accidentally purposeful manner of Internet discussion groups, began a discussion of the weaknesses and strengths of Canada's public broadcaster -- and how it might be improved.