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Third, in terms of performance, CBR is more open ended than PBR.
(2) Although no workshop was held in 2017 on CBR in the health sciences, several papers related to this topic were presented at the main conference.
The company said it has therefore come to the conclusion that the Ciber board, and especially its M/A committee, is not serious about exploring all strategic alternatives and must be refreshed for CBR stockholder value to be maximised.
This section includes results and correspondence discussion regarding compaction tests and CBR tests on the specimens.
They lose their shear strength with the rise of moisture contents and have low California Bearing Ratio (CBR) value.
With due attention to soil samples which had been sent to the laboratory for the purpose of soil tissue determination, CBR test was done after determining the tissue of the soil.
system, the Police Model Design CBR 250R comes with a specially designed helmet fitted with a hands free microphone.
Speaking of which the most confusing read from the media this morning is an interview with Cysome source' in the CBR mostly focused on MTRO facility.
We explore the case-based reasoning (CBR) methodology, as CBR not only utilizes the actual data (cases), but also works similarly to how human solves problems by recalling most relevant experiences.
BlackRock Canada also implemented a change to the investment objective of CBR in order to change the index which CBR seeks to replicate to the Morningstar Global Long/Flat Commodity Index(SM) or such other broad-based commodity index as may be selected by BlackRock Canada and notified to unitholders by press release, net of expenses.
Des Moines, IA, August 12, 2012 --( "The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) will drive large box trucks bearing graphic images of first-trimester aborted babies on the public streets near the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines from Friday August 10 to Sunday August 19 in an effort to educate voters about preborn children and what abortion does to them.