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Increases and peaks of Counts were observed during the CCD pandemic years both preceding and at the height of CCD attacks (see Figure).
While many possible causes for CCD have been proposed, reported, and discussed--both in the scientific literature and popular media--no cause has been proven.
Our focus is on the design of an episode or monthly bundled case rate for CCD as an add-on to the visit-based, FFS physician payment system.
At the meeting, ConvaTec also presented the results of an additional clinical study evaluating the safety and efficacy of Vitala™ CCD in people with an end colostomy who require convex skin barriers or inserts.
The measuring apparatus consists of laser, CCD camera, computer and competent software.
In addition, CCD technology produces a more precise spectral curve of color measurements, since the instrument is capable of reporting data at intervals of 0.
The world's largest and smallest consumer product companies continually return to CCD for its ability to develop manufacturing processes for new products.
Now, the new fourth-generation Super CCD HR offers significantly enhanced resolution, while the new Super CCD SR delivers greatly expanded dynamic range.
The IV&V service provided by CCD Online Systems will be a triple check, so we can be confident that we haven't missed anything.
Created under state law, the CCD is a municipal authority governed by a 23 member private sector Board of Directors, representing major property owners, business and civic leaders.
CCD tiles are bonded together in various optical arrangements such that the entire imaging area can be read.
The Vitala(TM) CCD allows individuals to manage their colostomy without a pouch, belt or irrigation.