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the total of cost, insurance and freight charges to be paid on goods purchased and shipped.

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‘cost, insurance, freight’, a special type of sale of goods. The quoted price includes the cost of the goods, the cost of insurance while the goods are in transit and the cost of the freight to the destination. It clearly eases the buying of goods across national boundaries, especially so where distance is involved. The seller is in the best position to obtain a good price for insurance and freight, so the utility of the standard contract is evident. The seller delivers the goods to the carrier and sends the invoice, insurance policy and bill of lading to the buyer.
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The gold substrates prepared from CD-Rs have relatively uniform 'grains' on the surface, with an average size of 20-40 nm in diameter, and typical peak-to-valley heights of 3-4 nm (Figure A).
Using CD-R, seven of the same jukebox mechanisms would be required to maintain the same disc-to-drive ratio, which significantly adds to the system cost.
The Buzzsaw 5-010 CD-Recording system is an addition to the 5-005, allowing users to add an additional 10 CD-Rs at a time to their existing system.
The turntable comparison employed the same matched level CD-R based test as I used for my cartridge test (please refer to the sidebar).
Similar in concept to Compact Disc Recordable (CD-R), DVD-R is a write-once medium that can contain any type of information normally stored on mass produced DVD discs--video, audio, images, data files, multimedia programs, and so on.