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These results seem to suggest that the CDIP approach can help interpreters to improve their performance on specialised topics.
52) Es posible que esta tesis sea la mas cercana a la realidad, porque la CDIP muestra su funcion clave a lo largo de la guerra en el centro del Peru.
15 Unanue, Hipolito, "Disertacion sobre el cultivo, comercio y virtudes de la famosa planta del Peru nombrada Coca", en: CDIP, t.
Information regarding the cumulative distribution of significant waves heights for selected years was obtained for six sites on the shores of central and northern California, Oregon, and Washington from the annual summaries of the CDIP (Table 1).
CDIP (2003), "Le parcours scolaire et de formation de e1eves immigres a 'faibles' performances scolaires", Rapport Convegno, Conference suisse des directeurs cantonaux de l'instruction publique, Berne.
000 pesos, de 400 mil pesos Fuente: CDIP, Tomo XXI, Asuntos Economicos, p.
CDIP will be supported by niche IT solutions that support clinical documentation assessment, reimbursement impact assessment, physician enablement, documentation change workflow and accurate coding.