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6 and art 41, we may draw the conclusion that the CEDO jurisprudence has three important characteristics: a) identifies a logical system of questions their answers allows the International Court to establish "the margin of appreciation" of the measures taken regarding restrictive measures taken by the state regarding the fundamental rights are adequate to the legitimate purpose; b)allows an intensive control of CEDO on the way the stated, by the solution adopted responded to the necessity of guaranteeing the rights stated by the Convention; c) presumes putting over the public authority a restrictive important responsibility, the one to appreciate, in the limits of the margin of appreciation, upon the measures disposed.
Calismamizda, ADHD icin en sik kullanilan davranis derecelendirme olceklerinden biri olan ve ADHD icin gecerlilik ve guvenilirligi yuksek olan CEDO kullanilmistir.
Connors Ebeveyn Degerlendirme Olcegi (CEDO) kullanilarak enurezisli ve kontrol olgularda norodavranissal inceleme sonuclari Enurezis (n= 57) Kontrol (n= 57) P CEDO alt puanlari (ort, SS) CEDO: hiperaktif 6,3 [+ or -] 3,2 5,7 [+ or -] 2,7 0,36 CEDO: dikkat eksikligi 4.
Managed through the CEDO office, between 40 and 50 VISTAs serve in Burlington each year.
La Ruta de Sonora Ecotourism Association periodically offers a natural- and cultural-history tour that includes a stop at CEDO.
The administration is checking the development of the Alden Corporation; all their plans are presented to CEDO and the Board of Aldermen.
The $80 million development package that the Alden Corporation ostensibly plans to share with the City of Burlington will be partially financed by a low-interest loan from the city if CEDO receives a much hoped for $23 million UDAG grant.
Beyond this, there is the hope that some monies could be added to projects like Burlington Land Trust Fund as well as CEDO efforts to provide creative venture capital and technical assistance to new product development and expansion of financing to support businesses that move towards local control.
Brenda Torpy, housing program administrator for CEDO says the Land Trust tries "to balance a public good in the community with individual good in ownership.