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Axiom Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kevin Riley said how proud he was of everyone in the CESSI Division.
This is a huge win for the CESSI Division," said Kevin Riley, Axiom's Chief Financial Officer, "not just because of the contract's value but also because it connects CESSI to so many other federal agencies.
The contract requires CESSI to support information exchange and coordination among ICDR member agencies; to collect and analyze current information to help guide decisions about the direction of the federal research agenda and stimulate collaborations; and to share information with disability and rehabilitation constituencies, the President and Congress, and the general public.
CEO, Founder, and principle stockholder of CESSI, a 10 year old, multi-
CESSI, Camara de Empresas de Software y Servicios Informaticos, works in collaboration with the Direccion National de Derechos de Autor, to protect bona fide members that register software products and computer contracts.