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A good way to maximize the lifetime savings and effectiveness of your CFLs is to keep them on for 15 minutes or more at a time.
The most difficult part in safe disposal of CFLs is to ensure that residents return used lamps without breaking them, said a senior ELCOMA official.
Also, high humidity can shorten the life of a CFL bulb, which makes incandescents a better choice for some bathrooms.
The home's inviting lighting (mostly CFLs with some halogens and linear fluorescents) has won rave reviews, but it costs the owners only $90 a year compared to $290 a year for traditional lighting.
CFLs should not be used in unprotected wet or damp locations unless they are UL-rated for wet applications.
Sanderson CFL, part of the larger Sanderson Group, specialises in the development and implementation of credit management, collections and litigation software to companies in the commercial and finance sectors.
DP&L representatives will also be on hand to discuss energy-saving tips and offer suggestions about how and where to use your new CFL bulbs.
The CFL Player Inspired Series is available team retail and CFLShop.
Furthermore, 50 60-W CFL lamps were used to replace 50 400-W metal halide lamps in the parking lot.
Mercury is a toxic metal element and since "the dose makes the poison," the lower the body weight of a person being exposed, the more likely that a significant mercury exposure could occur after a CFL break.