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The carving of the back gradually assumed the lineaments and expression of an old, shrivelled human face; the damask cushion became an antique, flapped waistcoat; the round knobs grew into a couple of feet, encased in red cloth slippers; and the whole chair looked like a very ugly old man, of the previous century, with his arms akimbo.
The old man seemed gradually blending into the chair, the damask waistcoat to resolve into a cushion, the red slippers to shrink into little red cloth bags.
The chair remained motionless, and spoke not a word.
Queer sort of thing, this," said Tom Smart, looking first at the chair and then at the press, and then at the letter, and then at the chair again.
Over the chair, he was dropped, and for a fraction of a second the posture was his of a man sitting in a chair.
This time, lowered quickly, he sank into the chair like a half- empty sack of meal, and continued so to sink, until, crumpling at the middle, his great tawny head falling forward, he lay on the floor unconscious.
For the day came when Mulcachy rapped the chair with his whip-butt, when the attendant through the bars jabbed the iron fork into Ben Bolt's ribs, and when Ben Bolt, anything but royal, slinking like a beaten alley-cat, in pitiable terror, crawled over to the chair and sat down in it like a man.
The eyes revealed themselves, bright with the glassy film of death--and fixed their dreadful look on the woman in the chair.
Head injuries caused by falling were the most common injury reported in the study -- an unsurprising finding given that high chairs usually are higher than regular chairs and situated near hard surfaces such as tables or countertops.
The Albry Accent Chair traces its roots from the 18th century 'Slipper Chairs,' low-slung, armless chairs that were first used as bedroom chairs for women.
Neophyte Senator Leila De Lima, a member of the Liberal Party (LP), was elected chair of the Senate committee on justice, despite criticisms over her plan to investigate the alleged extrajudicial killings under the new administration.
Proposed Bylaw for Article IX, Section 3: Each section shall have a chair to preside at meetings and to contact section members when necessary and a vice chair who will act in place of the chair and accede to chair if necessary.