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? 56 per cent of British people buy fish and chips to eat in the home as a family meal.
They have partnered with popular Japanese potato chips brand Calbee to bring us more potato chips variants: wasabi flavored potato chips, hot sauce pizza flavored ridged potato chips that are topped with melted cheese, plus potato chip ridges topped with chocolate or salted caramel (very Royce-in a good way).
CHIPS publishes news updates daily, so check back frequently.
Biomass, producer and importer of organic foods since 2007, began its first trials for organic potato chips in April 2015 and introduced two flavors of classic cut potato chips (thyme and garlic) in 125 gram transparent bags in late 2015.
At present, debit cards with chips may be used for purchases at Walgreens, but customers are asked to swipe them instead of inserting them in the chip-card slot.
More than 1.6 million tonnes of potatoes are made into chips every year in the UK - the same weight as more than 14,000 blue whales.
The value of maximum contact temperature was 503 [degrees]C for first broken chip, and 509 [degrees]C and 480 [degrees]C for the second and third broken chips respectively.
The A-series chips, code-named Trinity, will enable laptops to be made that are comparable in size, weight and battery life to Intel's ultrabooks, said John Taylor, director of global product marketing at AMD.
People familiar with MediaTek's tablet chip program pointed out that the company will introduce chips dedicated to tablet PCs next year, predicting Lenovo to use the chip given their close ties.
Pistones Moresa wanted to increase the amount of chips recovered, reduce the cost of recovering the machining chips and save on gas consumption by eliminating the double melting of machining chips.
The chips include some of the latest cutting-edge technologies and focus more on performance than power consumption, said Dean McCarron, principal analyst at Mercury Research.
Packaged in resealable bags sporting light-hearted doodles, the line ranges from traditional potato chips and restaurant-style tortilla chips to crunchy kettle-style chips in a variety of flavors.