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LAWYERS pursued a compensation claim on behalf of the child, alleging the mother's heavy drinking during pregnancy constituted a crime of poisoning and that CICA was liable to compensate the child.
Fyfe said: "I understand that when the CICA scheme was established in 1964, they were concerned they would be overwhelmed by applications from battered wives, and that is why the rule was brought in.
Following the event, the participants adopted a resolution with recommendations for further improvement of work in the sphere of inter-ethnic and inter-cultural dialogue within CICA states.
Basically, CICA has West Asian color more significantly influencing the organization.
President Rajapaksa, speaking further said that it is "indeed appropriate that Asia takes the lead in the settlement of any Asian affair, and CICA as a multilateral mechanism on security in Asia, should seek to engage appropriately on the proposals made by His Excellency the President of China towards this end.
The CICA members also reaffirmed to respect each other's sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and inviolability of internationally recognized borders, to refrain from the threat or use of force against territorial integrity or political independence of any state in any manner inconsistent with the principles and purposes of the UN Charter.
I call on all leaders of the CICA member countries not to put off this issue indefinitely," he added.
CICA's first meeting was held in Almaty on 14 September, 1999 where the member states signed the Declaration on the Principles Guiding Relations among the CICA Member States that states that the international legal basis of the CICA is the UN Charter and international law.
We also believe that our completion of the comprehensive CICA 5970 audit on an on-going basis demonstrates the quality and effectiveness of our operational procedures, controls, security architecture and information technology infrastructure.
In a written statement released Monday, the MFA said that the 4th Meeting of the CICA Economic Sub-Group will take place on February 27.
It just seems like CICA and the police can't be bothered.