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At the beginning of fiscal year 2014, the JBLM CID office received 19 additional military police.
My concern has always been that the manufacturers may take this as a statement of 'hope' rather than a statement which emphasises the need to have CID which, in turn, reduces satellite interference.
IG Sindh on the occasion asked the Additional IG - CID to present him a recommendations to improve administrative structure and performance of the department.
In 2010, an operation entitled Black Storm was launched by CID resulting in the confiscation of Dh14 million.
An Indian manager, SC (32), narrated that AF had approached him at his restaurant in Bur Dubai, flashed a card, and identified himself as a CID officer.
A: CID maintains a steady effort on ensuring quality training; it is crucial to fleet and national readiness.
CID is a worldwide network of highly trained special agents responsible for investigating felony-level crime.
He said the CID officials had already extorted Rs 100,000 from Awan who had then informed the ACU.
ADPnews) - Nov 26, 2010 - Dutch private equity firm Gilde Buy-Out Partners will buy Belgian family-owned hygiene solutions provider CID Lines, Belgian daily De Tijd reported yesterday.
The CID sleuths will interrogate the two to ascertain the veracity of Ramalinga Raju''s shocking admission Wednesday.
The CID suite has air conditioning and new computers.