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used the CIE Lab color space [14], where the multiplications of L and a components (RG), and L and b components (YB) are used to enhance the discrimination of red and green regions.
Third, comparisons were performed with a large number of variables including CIE Lab values of tongue body and coating, root-center-tip areas, and four phases using a relative small sample size.
The Ocean View software with which the samples were measured, gives us the parameters of color space CIE Lab and CIE XYZ, where the first indicates relationships of color, while the second indicates relations taking as starting point the colors that can be detected by the human eye.
The function which does this performs a RGB to CIE XYZ space conversion and then from there the CIE XYZ values are transformed to CIE Lab illuminant using illuminant D65.
When the original and distorted images X and Y are given in the RGB color space, they are converted to [X.sub.Lab] and [Y.sub.Lab] in the CIE Lab color space using a transformation equation [20].
Since the colour conversions and binarizarion increase the computational cost, it can be reduced by choosing the linear conversions from the RGB space as the first attempts leaving CIE LAB colour model as the last one since this conversion requires more computations.
However, in CIE lab color system, [DELTA]E values greater than 3.7 units and [DELTA]L values greater than 2 units are clinically imperceptible [10].