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In 2001, the CIM Sudbury branch donated $104,800 to local academic institutions and mining-related events and groups.
The actor named DataExchanger is any part of a DMS/EMS which requires CIM data exchange.
In addition to SNIA-sponsored CIM SAN conferences and Plugfests, the Interoperability Test Program (ITP), allows different vendors to test that they're interpreting SMI-S specs properly, and how interoperable they really are.
Effective CIM allows companies to accomplish more with less.
For channel partners, CIM represents a cost-effective way to deliver high-quality Cisco knowledge to front-line engineers and support technicians who need to efficiently manage time spent with customers.
Gillette's CIM network starts with a Panorama system from Syscon-PlantStar of South Bend, Ind.
This paper presents cases in which US firms successfully applied CIM and capitalized on the advantages of such an advanced technology.
Although production reporting plays an important role in DJ's operations, the emphasis of its CIM installation has been squarely on process data.
Effective CIM implementations will accelerate management solutions that further reduce the complexity and cost of managing SANs and automate the management of storage services at the application level.
The company's CIM system consists of an IBM RS/6000 host computer connected by an Ethernet network to eight PCs on the shop floor and throughout the company.
The completion of the sales of the properties to multiple buyers marks a successful close for CIM Group on this portfolio, located throughout San Francisco in economically diverse neighborhoods.
launched three new CIM systems targeted to different user needs and price levels.