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Reuters Dealing 3000 users will gain simplified access to FX execution and straight through processing, whilst increased inter-bank trading onto CME will enhance price discovery and the liquidity available to the whole marketplace.
CME Clearing Europe CME Clearing Europe is an FSA recognised, multi-asset class clearing house based in London that offers more than 200 OTC products for clearing.
The GLOBEX(R) Learning Center (GLC) is a fully-integrated "learning institution" that is designed to provide all the comprehensive tools necessary to help CME members effectively transition to electronic trading - in their own styles and at their own paces - through the use of simulated trading stations, education, training and support.
We are very pleased to welcome Joanne to CME Group in this critical role supporting our expansion across Europe," said Cees Vermaas, CEO of CME Europe.
The CME Editorial Board has been a tremendous resource for the CME initiative," commented Julie Connolly, MITRE's CME Program Manager.
Hasenpusch previously served as Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of CME Clearing Europe, and has worked closely with Betsill in developing this important part of CME Group's global business.
Among practitioners surveyed, a significant increase could be seen for both knowledge and adherence to clinical standards (a 15% and 13% increase, respectively) based on information presented at the CME program.
CME Group's European power contracts aim to address a real need within European Power industry participants, to access cost-effective, relevant alternatives for trading power at lower fees," said Cees Vermaas, Chief Executive Officer, CME Europe.
The contracts will be listed on CME Group's European exchange, CME Europe, for first trade date on Monday 15 June 2015 and are authorised and approved by the United Kingdom (UK) Financial Conduct Authority.
Live educational forums account for 56% of the CME credits earned by primary care physicians - a ratio little changed from 2003.
This new partnership, which will operate as CME Auction Markets(TM), is expected to significantly broaden access to the economic derivatives market and increase the level of investor participation.