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Due to a small number of respondents in the caffeine and experimental medication groups, chi-square analysis was performed only with the CNS stimulant and tricyclic antidepressant medication groups.
CNS stimulants can cause increases in blood pressure (mean increase about 2-4 mm Hg) and heart rate (mean increase about 3-6 bpm).
First, the medication history had to clearly indicate the patient had taken a CNS stimulant under medical supervision prior to coming to the clinic for a diagnosis of ADHD and prior to any imaging information.
Mental (psychiatric) problems can be caused or worsened by CNS stimulant medications:
Cathinone causes amphetamine-like sympathomimetic effects and is a potent CNS stimulant with reinforcing activity (Bentur, Bloom-Krasik & Raikhlin-Eisenkraft 2008).
People who abuse CNS stimulants or depressants control of their bodies to the drug, sometimes with dangerous consequences.
Alkaloids - Androgens - Antidepressants - Antiemetics - Antispasmodics - CNS Stimulants - Cholinesterase Inhibitors - Dopamine Agonists - Hormone Replacement - Hypotensive Agents - Local Anesthetics - NSAIDs - Opioid Analgesics - Progestrins - Trinitrates 4.
WARNING: ABUSE AND DEPENDENCE CNS stimulants (amphetamines and
Exclusion of the 6 out of 70 subjects who were taking CNS stimulants did not significantly change the analysis.
CNS stimulants work by increasing wakefulness, vigilance, and performance.
Observe patients carefully when amantadine is used concurrently with other drugs that affect the ONS, especially CNS stimulants.