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Those taking COX-2 inhibitors for rheumatoid arthritis were at particular risk.
The risk appeared highest in older people, and patients with chronic kidney disease or rheumatoid arthritis were at particular risk when starting treatment with COX-2 inhibitors.
The dependent variable for the models is the length of time each patient waits before initiating therapy with one of the two COX-2 inhibitors after being diagnosed with OA.
Compared with COX-2 inhibitors, NSAIDs and salicylates have similar efficacy, lower cost, and presumably greater chance for GI side effects.
But although there may be additional interpretations of why the complication rate increased so sharply, "the only one that makes sense is the reduction in the use of COX-2 inhibitors.
Selective COX-2 inhibitors have been in the news since the FDA removed the selective COX-2 inhibitor, rofecoxib, from the market in 2004.
They examined the results of all trials in which vascular events had been recorded for COX-2 inhibitors and NSAIDs.
He has no relationships with companies that make COX-2 inhibitors.
They said that calls to remove all COX-2 inhibitors and return to using NSAIDs could cause additional problems.
Before COX-2 inhibitors came onto the market, the rate of patients with upper GI hemorrhage had been decreasing.
In an accompanying commentary, Simon Maxwell and David Webb of Edinburgh University said attention would now focus on the safety of other Cox-2 inhibitors.
Among them were 27, 000 patients who had been taking Vioxx, which belongs to a family of drugs known as Cox-2 inhibitors.