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To address the concern of accessibility and affordability of CPD, the offering of online CPD courses is one of the solutions.
However, when the CPD law was implemented, "the chaos came" -"long queues, unclear guidelines, exorbitant fees for applications for CPD accreditation; exorbitant fees for self-directed CPD activities" - among others.
Like the FNU, the Optometric Association of the Philippines (OAP) is calling for a review of the CPD Act's implementation.
Trillanes also pointed out other issues of various stakeholders such as: the PRC-accredited CPD providers are limited to current providers which are private institutions and the Accredited Integrated Professional Organizations (AIPO), allegedly offering expensive training and seminars; and the PRC does not recognize in-house training by government agencies such as the Department of Education (DepEd) and other companies, which are already instituted and are usually free.
Remember, it is your journal, they are your publications and they are your CPD points that are at stake here
demonstrates depth and breadth of CPD appropriate to the individual's professional practice;
CPD has been a requirement for members for many years (see the IMechE code of conduct that we all signed up to when we became members).
It may be appropriate to base this part of your CPD profile on your job description.
I don't know what that is in monetary value but I want people in the industry to automatically think CPD Bodies.
Ayala explained it was during the second visit to the "black site" that the CPD threatened to take his children if he would not sign onto the story they had prepared.
It is already a requirement for all those who are registered as Chartered Environmentalist to provide evidence of their CPD annually when renewing their registration and the IED will be encouraging all members to follow suit, to ensure the standards for registered engineers remain high.