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AMT's legal counsel submitted brief comments to CMS prior to the May 29 comment deadline supporting the agency's continued recognition of credentialed medical assistants and its decision not to allow other unlicensed medical office personnel to use the CPOE system.
The US accounted for the largest share of the North American CPOE market; whereas, Mexico is the fastest-growing country for the North American CPOE market during the forecast period.
Many healthcare providers resist EHR and CPOE technologies due to concerns of usability and a perceived decrease in productivity.
Indeed, in a 2010 survey by the College of Health Information Management Executives (CHIME), more than half (52 percent) of CIOs said their biggest concern was getting clinicians to enter orders into their CPOE system to meet thresholds stipulated by meaningful use objectives.
In contrast to the strong support and enthusiasm for encouraging EHR technology use among policy makers, extant literature has demonstrated mixed effects of CPOE and other EHR technologies on efficiency and process compliance (Menachemi and Collum 2011).
With maturation and consolidation of the major software vendors, there has been a steady movement to recommend a so-called "big bang" rollout, where the entire hospital and entire medical staff adopts CPOE on a mutually agreed upon go-live or conversion date.
Lastly, a CPOE measure without good responsiveness would bias results of a study by failing to detect changes in CPOE from one year to the next.
The net effect is that, assuming the physicians take an active role in using the CPOE software, no cost differential is expected.
CPOE systems are witnessing relatively slow paced market penetration mainly due to the initial costs involved in steering this service into mainstream hospital applications, remarks the analyst.
These capabilities drive much of the expected benefit of an EMR: of the seven EMR benefits most frequently mentioned in literature, six (ADE prevention, faster order turnaround, increased use of hospital preventive care, and reductions in lab testing, drug utilization, and lengths of stay) are directly associated with CPOE and/or CPOE-driven decision support.
CPOE has the potential to reduce medical errors by eliminating illegible handwriting, improving communication, alerting providers when an action is needed, and when medication orders are in error (Ash, Berg, & Colera, 2004).
The proposed objective would expand the definition of CPOE to include a provider's use of computer assistance to order laboratory and radiology services, as well as medications (only medications were included in the Stage 1 definition).