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Some software programs embed their CPOE modules in other software products.
Since evidence changes over time, order sets that remain static would not fit into the organization's desire to fully leverage the quality-enhancing potential of CPOE and clinical decision support.
Sara Houser, MSN, Chief Nursing Officer at Ashe Memorial and leader of the hospital's CPOE project team, commended PatientKeeper for its assistance throughout the process.
And one of the reasons that Paul [Sharek] and I think it's important is that it showed that at 65 different hospitals, the efficacy in preventing medication errors within CPOE varied very dramatically; and the top-performing hospitals had all different vendors.
estimates that for the average ambulatory care provider with a panel of 2,000 patients, using advanced CPOE tools will provide $28,000 in saving a year for the health system.
AMT's legal counsel submitted brief comments to CMS prior to the May 29 comment deadline supporting the agency's continued recognition of credentialed medical assistants and its decision not to allow other unlicensed medical office personnel to use the CPOE system.
Indeed, in a 2010 survey by the College of Health Information Management Executives (CHIME), more than half (52 percent) of CIOs said their biggest concern was getting clinicians to enter orders into their CPOE system to meet thresholds stipulated by meaningful use objectives.
The purpose of this research is to examine the association of CPOE usage with labor costs and process compliance.
The internal consistency, level of agreement, and responsiveness of CPOE measures are important components of high-quality and generalizable research regarding CPOE use and adoption.
To accomplish this task, they selected an enterprise-wide electronic health record (EHR) that includes an inpatient CPOE system.
The CPOE process is in early development with only 58 locations in the U.