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As with CRAO, an urgent ophthalmology referral is critical to establish the diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.
In the present study we investigated whether paracentesis improves visual acuity after CRAO depending on the time between first symptoms of CRAO and the implementation of paracentesis.
The patient was diagnosed with CRAO, which was probably induced by mechanical press of SO itself or raised IOP He was treated with partial removal of SO (1cc) by limbal incision and injection of air into the anterior chamber immediately.
In a CRAO, the blockage may occur at any point between the origin at the ophthalmic artery and the optic disc head.
6 21 (R P) 22 (R P) TBM = Tubercular meningitis, ON = Optic neuritis, NAION = Non arteritic ischemic Optic neuropathy, CRAO = Central retinal artery occlusion, RP = Retinitis pigmentosa PL = Perception of light, NPL = No perception of light Chart 1: BCVA distribution in cases and control BCVA distribution in Groups Cases Controls PL/NPL 7 7 20/20000-20/500 6 5 >20/500 9 8 Note: Table made from bar graph.