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Combined CRAO and CRVO is an ophthalmological emergency that should be recognized as a serious postsurgical complication due to its poor outcome.
In patients with CRAO, an eye exam show profoundly decreased visual acuity, and the swinging light test (see "Use this mnemonic to ensure a comprehensive eye exam" on page 348) will reveal a relative afferent pupillary defect (RAPD).
CRAO is a very rare clinical presentation in younger ages and a thorough systemic investigation is required to determine the underlying cause (10).
* CRAO is potential complication after blunt trauma.
During the postoperative course, the following retinal vascular occlusions were identified: BRAO (n = 2), CRAO (n = 2), BRVO (n = 1), CRVO (n = 1), AION (n = 3), and combined central artery and vein occlusion (n = 1).
Also hematological examination and other investigations related to CRAO were normal.
Various therapeutic modalities in the treatment of CRAO described in the medical literature include systemic anticoagulation, (3) systemic venous thrombolysis, (4,5) catheter-guided intra-arterial fibrinolysis, (3) ocular massage (2,3) and reduction of intraocular pressure.
Central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO) is one of the most important ocular diseases seen in the ophthalmology emergency departments.
In a CRAO, patients experience painless vision loss occurring over several seconds.
Central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO) results from obstruction of blood flow due to embolic, thrombotic, inflammatory, or traumatic causes.
Fundoscopic examination of the right eye revealed combined CRAO and CRVO and left eye revealed NPDR with grade III hypertensive retinopathy.