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The focus of this CREDE standard is on the importance of helping children relate the new information they are exposed to in formal educational settings to the conceptual frameworks that they have already constructed.
This CREDE standard encourages the teacher to introduce instruction by referencing what the children already know from home, community, or previous school experiences.
This CREDE standard addresses ways to reach those lofty goals.
CREDE research indicates that the most effective way to facilitate language development, help children engage in more complex thinking and achieve the other desired outcomes is through dialogue, questioning and sharing ideas.
The teacher who utilizes CREDE principles is acutely aware of the importance of ensuring that all students are included in conversations and have the opportunity to participate according to their individual communication preferences.
CREDE research indicates that a teacher can facilitate high levels of instructional conversations by arranging the classroom and schedule to encourage all types of conversation.
CREDE principles work with the vast array of approaches to curriculum available to teachers, with all subject matters and with all age and grade levels.