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CRIER. An inferior officer of a court, whose duty it is to open and adjourn the court, when ordered by the judges; to make proclamations and obey the directions of the court in anything which concerns the administration of justice.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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CRIE has been in negotiations to sell the lease but a recent offer of $8.5 million plus guarantees of $30 million in renovations made by American International Group was rejected last month by the bank which is reported to be seeking at least $10 million.
The British Post Office has paid around GBP6 million (Euro 9.9 million) for the French express courier group CRIE, which delivers both domestic and international mail.
Aux Etats-Unis ou en France, pays souvent cites comme des exemples de democratie aboutie, le legislateur a bien prevu des lois antitrust pour eviter la constitution d'oligopole dans le paysage mediatique, sans que l'on crie a l'atteinte a la liberte d'expression.
Affectes par les inondations, des familles du douar Sgharna Sghir et Sidi ben Youssef ben Ali ont meme crie au secours des autorites pour debloquer la situation.
Apres une batterie de decisions a travers lesquelles le chef de l'Etat s'est elargi les pouvoirs, ses opposants ont crie au scandale.