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Hexa Research observes that North America generated the most regional demand for portable X-ray and CT scan devices.
The CT scan machine had recently become functional after remaining out of order for two months.
X-rays have been used for almost 120 years, but the introduction of computed tomography, or CT scans, in the 1970s was revolutionary, says Consumer Reports.
As an individual patient, your risk of cancer from a CT scan is very low.
Recently, a large, national study of patients in six integrated health systems found that the increased use of CT scans from 1996 to 2010 doubled the average annual dose of radiation from 1.
For every 10 000 head CT scans performed in children under 10 years, one additional case of leukaemia and one additional brain tumour can be expected in the subsequent 10 years.
According to the first large-scale study, children having multiple CT scans are also at greater risk of leukaemia.
Now scientists in Newcastle have studied data on about 180,000 patients under the age of 22 who had CT scans at UK hospitals between 1985 and 2002.
That's not the same in the US where you are five times more likely to get a CT scan.
Last year, the hospital turned away at least three road accident victims who need a CT scan because there was no equipment.
Ms McEneaney had to wait one month for an urgent CT scan, which discovered an abnormality.
Although the relationship of exposure to ionizing radiation and cancer has been studied extensively, the current concern is fueled by a rapid rise in the number of CT scans being performed.