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CENTRAL. Relating to the centre, or placed in the centre; as, the central courts of the United States, are those located in the city of Washington, whose jurisdiction extends over the whole country. These are, first, the Senate of the United States, when organized to try impeachments; secondly, the Supreme Court of the United States.
     2. The government of the United States is the central government.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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During shapeshifting, all connected CVPs in a structure compare the geometric differences between its initial shape and new shape.
An intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC) was derived for the analysis of correlation between the two methods of measuring CVP and ICC >0.8 was referred as an excellent agreement.
Correlations between PPV and time to urine output, CVP and time to urine output, PPV and 4-hour urine output and CVP and 4-hour urine output were tested using the Pearson's correlation.
The retailers must calculate their profits on CVP model during Ramazan to facilitate the consumers and in return the government may offer those retailers rebate on sales tax after submission of a certificate verified by their chartered accounting firms.
La presente investigacion analiza los niveles de SB, la CVP percibida y sus diferencias en funcion de los tipos de personalidad, segun el modelo de Torgensen (1995), en docentes de educacion primaria de una ciudad de mediano tamano de Chile.
The results were dependent on the differences in chemical composition and mixture ratio within the LBY and CVP. Increasing the level of LBY linearly increased CP and EE contents, and decreased other chemical compositions (p<0.01).
A total of 9 LTACHs (4 freestanding and 5 hospital-within-hospital, with an average of 46 beds per hospital) were selected for the CVP based on the presence of a relatively high average number of lab units per patient day (UPPD) compared to over 100 LTACHs within the same health care organization.
"McLane's new comprehensive CVP line provides retailers who don't already offer private label products or don't have the resources to stock private label inventory the ability to do so, and at attractive prices, while keeping their gross margins and profits high."
Under the CVP cycle 10 all the LG representatives shall be trained by professional trained master trainers on LG Laws structure and functions, resource management and transparent budgeting and participatory planning through customized urdu translated modules of the KP LG Act 2013.
McLane said it designed the new comprehensive CVP family of brands to reflect the needs of today's consumers -- delivering a product mix that offers relevancy, variety and value, while saving them money.
Objective: To evaluate the correlation between central venous pressure (CVP) and inferior vena cava (IVC) diameters measured by ultrasonography (Ultrasound) in critically ill patients.