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CAPE, English law. A judicial writ touching a plea of lands and tenements. The writs which bear this name are of two kinds, namely, cape magnum, or grand, cape, and cape parvum, or petit cape. The petit cape, is so called, not so much on account of the smallness of the writ, as of the letter. Fleta, lib. 6, c. 55, Sec. 40. For the difference between the form and the use of these writs, see 2 Wms. Saund. Rep. 45, c, d; and Fleta, ubi sup.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Nevertheless, gradual commitment to foreign markets allows service firms to gain economic rents through economies of scale or scope (Capar and Kotabe 2003; Contractor et al.
Capar then secured his double in the 37th, and then the very next minute Penava made it 5-0 for five-star Alumnus.
Answering the calls for more multi industry studies by Kundu and Merchant (2008) and following the methodology of Contractor et al (2003), Capar and Kotabe (2003) and, Nachum and Wymbs (2005), a multi industry case study approach was considered appropriate.
Alardea de dejarse capar sin proferir un grito, cuando todo apunta a que el es el unico responsable de su castracion.
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The main literature has identified a set of critical determinants that are linked to the economic success of Western companies in China (Hofstede & Bond 1988, Ward, Pearson & Entrekin 2002, Fang 2006, Chinta & Capar 2007).