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CAPE, English law. A judicial writ touching a plea of lands and tenements. The writs which bear this name are of two kinds, namely, cape magnum, or grand, cape, and cape parvum, or petit cape. The petit cape, is so called, not so much on account of the smallness of the writ, as of the letter. Fleta, lib. 6, c. 55, Sec. 40. For the difference between the form and the use of these writs, see 2 Wms. Saund. Rep. 45, c, d; and Fleta, ubi sup.

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The word fransois may be suspected of being a misspelling of fremose the French loan-word from Portuguese formoso (beautiful) because Le Testu applied C fremoze to the place where the Vallard atlas has cap capar and on his map this cape is one step away from the river S.
9799; Dale Griesser, Principal (306) 359-9799 - Winnipeg: Wes Schollenberg, Principal (204) 947-2242; Linda Capar, broker (204) 947-2242 ext.
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Further, we delimited our sample to manufacturing firms among eleven broadly defined industries to control for potential industry effects given that service industries face different levels of initial capital investment and exit barriers as compared to manufacturing industries (Brouthers 2002; Capar and Kotabe 2003).