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CAPE, English law. A judicial writ touching a plea of lands and tenements. The writs which bear this name are of two kinds, namely, cape magnum, or grand, cape, and cape parvum, or petit cape. The petit cape, is so called, not so much on account of the smallness of the writ, as of the letter. Fleta, lib. 6, c. 55, Sec. 40. For the difference between the form and the use of these writs, see 2 Wms. Saund. Rep. 45, c, d; and Fleta, ubi sup.

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Recuperada, restaurada, su dignidad como creadora-pintora dentro de los parametros modernistas que aun se manejan en la esfera artistica, se cae entonces en la cuenta de que aquello no debe hacerse a costa de capar parte de su proceso artistico: proceso complejo, expansivo.
Matija Capar started the scoring for Croatia, while Libyan Suleiman MohamedAAEs kick was saved.
Another spell of possession resulted in the goal of the tournament so far: Capar played a ball down the right to Tihomir Novak who struck powerfully from an impossible angle into the roof of the net.
The main literature has identified a set of critical determinants that are linked to the economic success of Western companies in China (Hofstede & Bond 1988, Ward, Pearson & Entrekin 2002, Fang 2006, Chinta & Capar 2007).
O bloqueio de varias plataformas bloggers e os constantes ataques so serviu para que o virus da opiniao livre mutou para formas mais complicadas de capar.
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Lo curioso es que solamente un tipo con el ojo de Meza es capar de rearmar equipos y hacerlos competitivos en corto tiempo, pero eso si, a costa de una gran inversion de jugadores extranjeros.
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