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30) Judith Anderson, in her examination of the concept of magical language in the work of the sixteenth-century magus and cabalist Cornelius Agrippa, relates the attribution in Renaissance magic of supernatural power to words--particularly written or printed words--to the increasing power of textuality, as opposed to the spoken word, in early modern England (Words That Matter [Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1996], 138-41).
In the mysticism of the medieval cabalists, "each letter of the Hebrew alphabet was considered to be connected to an angel.
When Basola arrived in Safed in 1560, to settle and permanently make aliyah at the age of 80, he was warmly greeted by a number of rabbinic scholars, including the cabalist Moses Cordovero.
Cabalists, Jewish and Christian, have had the Book of Splendor to ponder since the 13th century, and the truly wise among them have said that it is a work of such wisdom that nothing can be understood of it at all.
Luzzatto wrote lyrics and in about 1727 the drama Migdal `oz ("Tower of Victory"), but he early turned to cabalist studies, eventually becoming convinced that he was the Messiah.
While setting forth the Cabalist conception of the Scriptures as a totally significant text, down to its smallest particles, no matter in what order or by what permutations they are read, Borges interrupts his exposition to consider the Holy Trinity, the third hypostasis of which, the Holy Spirit, is held by Christians to be the author of the Scriptures.
There are many ways in which the Jewish and the German combine or collide, not least in the narrator's style, which brings the Germanist together with the Talmudist (he writes like a cabalist, as he says) with sentences running on, indeed veering about across vastnesses of time and space, as he intercalates commentaries on Benjamin's commentaries on Sholem's commentaries on Kafka's commentaries (et cetera).
He will intersect with Raziel Melker, son of a Congressman, musician, ex-yeshiva student, ex-Jew for Jesus, ex-Zen monk, an off-again-on-again junkie turned cabalist who "always wanted more.
I wish the old Cabalist had spent less time thinking about Hemingway, and no time writing about Marilyn, and some years working through Freud, after which he could take on Marx, thus killing off, instead of kissing off, both his fathers.
In the Monas hieroglyphica of 1564, Dee shifted his focus from astrology to alchemy and from scholastic natural philosophy to Cabalist theories of language.
It's too easy to get spells that weren't already in your deck with Cabalists Tome and Primordial Glyph.
The enigmatic hieroglyphs of cabalists, Rosicrucians, and freemasons are shown to be closely linked with the early scientific illustrations in the fields of medicine, chemistry, optics, and color theory.