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30) Judith Anderson, in her examination of the concept of magical language in the work of the sixteenth-century magus and cabalist Cornelius Agrippa, relates the attribution in Renaissance magic of supernatural power to words--particularly written or printed words--to the increasing power of textuality, as opposed to the spoken word, in early modern England (Words That Matter [Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1996], 138-41).
Thomas fully emerged as a metaphysical poet with the publication of the enigmatically entitled H'm, he did so partly in the guise of a latter-day Gnostic or Rabbinical Cabalist, turning away from orthodoxy to engage with the riddle of a universe whose nature was, he realised, grotesquely incompatible with the neat platitudes of conventional religious belief.
A grand uncle, Mordche der Tzadick, who lived near by was a cabalist, but since study of cabala has never been encouraged even by the most devout Jews, the influence of the grand uncle on Weber might have been minimal, though Weber mentioned him in interviews during his adult life.
They "obsessively" worked as a "collective mission" to influence conservative justices, notably on death-penalty cases expediting executions, about which one emailed the others: "We need to get our numbers up" Lazarus quoted another cabalist who, venting his rage about the refusal of the Senate to confirm Robert Bork for a seat on the high court, said: "Every time I draw blood, I'll think of what they did to Bork"
Alexander Hamilton the cabalist & duel-fighter looks sorrier than
The headline read: "Romanian Professor Founds Cult Across the Border at Tecate: Essene School of Life Springs from Brain of Visiting Cabalist.
In the Monas hieroglyphica of 1564, Dee shifted his focus from astrology to alchemy and from scholastic natural philosophy to Cabalist theories of language.