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The book concludes with an impressive summary of its accomplishment in discovering a symbolic world marked by a combination of elements of Anabaptism with the Jewish (and Christian) Cabbala.
The cabbala (my dictionary spells it with a "c" and no "h"), a text that is one of the mystical foundations of Judaism, provided him with an antidote to the standard medical school education, which too often focuses on biochemistry and statistics while ignoring the human spirit.
La voracita di Stabile, vero e proprio Comestor, si estende agli aspetti piu reconditi del passato, con frequenti immersioni nell'astrologia e nella cabbala.
Also in this period, thanks to Pordage she began to absorb the notions of Jakob Boehme, "Silesian theosopher," and the author investigates his ideas, which embraced "occult philosophy, Gnosticism, the Cabbala, alchemy and magic" (25).