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If a cache hit occurs, the reference bit is set to 1.
The results we obtained for the cache hit ratio under different cache sizes are displayed in Figures 2, 3 and 4.
Thus, when a response varies on the User-agent header we can only get a cache hit for clients running the exact same version of the browser, on the same operating system.
As the media and entertainment industry grapples with new digital storage requirements, DDN's SFX technology maximizes cache hit rates and accelerates video access and production workflows.
The averaged class cache hit ratios approached 54% with a cache size of 64k, revealing the effective limits of the prediction mechanism as well as demonstrating the effective parallelization of class delivery with program execution.
In case of cache hit, there is no need to wait for the next IR and hence the query latency is reduced.
If a subsequent read I/O wants a block stored in the cache, a cache hit and then a long trip out to the disk pool is avoided.
AutoCache performs with an amazing cache hit rate," said DaPrano.
You want to be able to monitor live, production activity at the disk controller and logical unit level for such things as: total I/Os (read and writes), read percentage (percentage of the total I/Os that are reads), cache hit percentage (percentage of reads found in the cache as opposed to requiring a disk access), current throughput in MB/sec, and current I/O rate per second.
The result is a radically increased cache hit ratio (both from DRAM level 1 cache and level 2 Flash cache) and effectively increasing the bandwidth within the Zebi array.
The SH7397's high-performance SH-4A CPU core has two separate 32-Kbyte, 4-way set-associative cache memories -- one for instructions and the other for data -- to improve the cache hit rate for higher throughput.
Which virtual machine is achieving the best cache hit ratio?