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The vast majority of databases use a similar architecture: DRAM cache servers are used to store the most common queries.
In this section, influence of priority access on response time of normal access, adjustment of the quota of the computer resource to priority access and the effect on response time to clients through cache server are examined.
But none of these investigations has covered the specific dual queue model for the impact analysis of DDoS attacks on cache server, which is solved by this paper.
Google cache servers allow YouTube, search and other services to be available locally, which means lower latency for users because there is no international transit involved.
With the addition of the Tacit Cache Server failover option, service availability is guaranteed in the event of cache server failure by allowing automatic reroute of traffic to a standby cache server.
com)-- Web Werks, Tier III and Tier IV data center service provider in India, have installed Google Cache Servers aimed at revamping its network infrastructure and improving Internet experience for its Indian audience.
CDNs do this either by co-locating their cache servers in the points of presence (POPs) of ISPs or by building a network of their own POPs served by a private network (or a portion of the Internet whose routing is carefully controlled-i.
The Interphase SlotOptimizer 554GB is designed for use in high-availability server and router applications such as enterprise network servers, low-profile rack mount servers, multi-channel ISP routers, high-availability firewalls and cache servers, Internet servers and appliance servers.
Sawmill now analyzes log files generated by over 500 web devices including: Web Servers, Proxy Servers, Firewalls, Cache Servers, VPN Servers, Email Servers, Anti-Virus Servers, Radius Servers, Switches, Routers etc.
By shielding Web and cache servers from incoming client connections, the Redline units also maximize available server resources.
About ARA Networks: ARA Networks is an innovative developer of high performance web cache servers and Internet Traffic Management (ITM) products.