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CADASTRE. A term derived from the French, which has been adopted in Louisiana, and which signifies the official statement of the quantity and value of real property in any district, made for the purpose of justly apportioning the taxes payable on such property. 3 Am. St. Pap. 679; 12 Pet. 428, n.

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Cadastral database includes base topographic database, cadastral map database, and attribute database (Figure 3).
With the completion of the New South Wales cadastral maps, the National Library's catalogue now provides catalogue access to hard-copy maps of most of the parishes and counties in every Australian state and mainland territory.
This was our challenge, how to convert our cadastral map series into a digital format in short time with limited funds and with minimal staff who have no experience no training and no computers.
Cadastral maps were quickly prized as decorative objects in themselves and as symbols of progress, and their public use and private value led to publication in printed form, thereby creating a map genre that appeared early and influenced subsequent land mapping efforts elsewhere in Europe (pp.
Bulgaria's caretaker government had allocated a total of BGN 500 000 to the preparation of a cadastral map of dunes.
Tenders are invited for Digitization of cadastral maps in pune district