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CADASTRE. A term derived from the French, which has been adopted in Louisiana, and which signifies the official statement of the quantity and value of real property in any district, made for the purpose of justly apportioning the taxes payable on such property. 3 Am. St. Pap. 679; 12 Pet. 428, n.

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The coordinates of old mine outlet positions were determined with the use of graphical transformation through identical points in the cadastre of lands and cadastre of real estate maps or with the use of linear transformation to the stable cadastre system and subsequently using the Helmert transformation to the Datum of Uniform Trigonometric Cadastral Network system.
Mr Feast said, This is not the first time that Spatial Dimension has been contracted to replace a mining cadastre system that failed to meet the long term needs of the client.
Mr Bill Feast, Chief Executive of Spatial Dimension said, This contract, coming almost exactly 10 years to the day that Spatial Dimension was first contracted by the Mozambique Ministry of Mineral Resources to implement a new computerised Mining Cadastre System, is particularly special for all of us at Spatial Dimension.