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The party conferring a power. One who makes a gift. One who creates a trust.

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n. a person or entity making a gift or donation.

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a person who makes a gift of property.
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DONOR. He who makes a gift. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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They aren't nearly as sick as cadaveric donor recipients, one-third of whom nationally come to the operating room directly from the ICU.
Each cadaveric donor made possible by changes in the dead donor rule could save or extend the lives of three or more existing individuals.
AS FAMILY PRACTICE NEWS reported, the use of cadaveric kidneys from subjects over age 55 years is controversial, because graft survival is inferior when compared with the results achieved with kidney transplants from conventional cadaveric donors.
Archibald noted that each year, about 18,000 cadaveric donors provide 650,000 allografts for transplantation-frequently cartilage for joint surgeries.
*UMC excised four solid organs (2 kidneys, 1 liver & 1 heart) from a cadaveric donor and furnished them to Donor Network of Arizona, the regional OPO.
The 11 remaining recommendations address a variety of topics including equitable access to transplantation and cadaveric donor issues.
An informal survey, conducted by the UPMC Health System indicated that some fiscal intermediaries for CMS were suggesting that centers bill the living liver donor evaluation and operation as if it were a donor acquisition charge; the way the procurement of cadaveric donor livers would be billed.
After the 1980s, the liver transplantation from cadaveric donors has also gradually increased over the years.
Methods: A total of 1946 renal transplant were performed from 1537 living and 409 cadaveric donors between 2003 and 2014.
In 2014, five cadaveric donors made nine transplants possible, the minister said, and there were also 22 transplants from living donors.
The product can also be used to test plasma and serum to screen organ and tissue donors, including cadaveric donors.