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The statistical analysis of these results revealed that measure of the celiac trunk length between male and female cadavers are not statistically significant different.
She said she hoped it would help me either come to terms with Nonny and Boppa being lab cadavers or find a better alternative that was still somehow helpful to society.
From the minute I laid eyes on my own anatomy cadaver, I looked for clues that would help me piece together her life.
It is designed to provide a synthetic alternative to structural cadaver bone with unique bioactive and bone bonding characteristics.
Diseased cadavers hurled into the city could easily have transmitted plague, as defenders handled the cadavers during disposal.
A second protester threw paint over another exhibit and covered a third cadaver with a blanket.
What restrictions, if any, would be associated with acquiring Cadavers for teaching purposes?
The clinical implications of these findings are unclear, however, until a larger sample size of fresh cadavers can confirm the results, said Dr.
Stubbs in his slaughterhouse and of spying on Stubbs's son in his escapades with male-midwives and "resurrectionists" looking for fresh cadavers to dissect.
In the early 1970s, FBI scientists reexamined existing methods using cadavers at a major university and the Virginia State Medical Examiner's Office in Richmond, Virginia.
Today, most transplanted kidneys come from cadavers.
Restricted to the cadavers of condemned criminals, it functioned to prolong their sufferings during execution into death.