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Abdul Cader Mashoor Moulana, told Asian Tribune that today we have a Tamil veteran political leader as the Leader of the Opposition.
This can only be achieved by investing in R&D to develop smarter products and services that will enable low-energy living, thus conserving the environment we live in, Cader concluded.
Mr Warner explained: "After a one-off trial brew we set about developing and testing what have become our two signature ales, Idris Bitter and Cader Gold which received excellent reviews from local beer drinkers.
Un mes antes, el 20 de noviembre, el activista y agraviado presento una demanda ante el Tribunal Agrario contra el gobierno mexiquense porque el 18 de octubre pasado reprimio y encarcelo a los campesinos que exigen el cierre del Cader.
The group of current and former Duke of Edinburgh participants will meet at the foot of Cader Idris at 9am next Saturday, and Rene says it will be an emotional reunion.
Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas and Stephen Warner of Cwrw Cader Ales in Dolgellau
ADC Sponsors 4 Teachers from Abu Ayoub Al Ansari School to Enroll in the CADER High Education Diploma for the 'ICT in Education Program'
For Teresa Cader in The Paper Wasp, an active scholar's mind takes on the limitations of language, the gaps between being and nothingness, the success and failure of creation, using the insights of a woman who, via the intentionality of in vitro fertilization, has given birth to at least one late-life daughter:
MEMBERS of Nuneaton Mountaineering Club are limbering up for their next group outing, when they plan an ascent of Cader Idris.
The reform process "has to continue; too many people have had a taste of what reform is all about," Farouk Cader, resident manager of the Hollywood trade group the Motion Picture Assn.