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CADET. A younger brother, one trained up for the army or navy.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The cadets, aged between 12 and 18, took part in military activities including first aid, drill, fieldcraft and shooting, as well as a range of adventure training days designed to encourage them to push themselves to their limits while still having fun.
Through the PMA's host parents program, cadets from various parts of the country are provided with a home during weekend breaks to stay with and be part of a household in the city.
"Being a Cadet Correspondent has provided me an opportunity to turn my passion for photography into something that I can use to promote the Cadet Program and showcase what makes us such a unique youth program," says Flight Sergeant Keon Santos of 655 RCACS in Richmond, B.C.
Cadet Santiago Canale Cardenas of Sinaloa, Mexico, received the Priscilla Rose Medal for embodying all the traits of an outstanding cadet and symbolizing the spirit of SJNMA.
Two male cadets will not be graduating today, Sunday, as members of the PMA Mabalasik Class of 2019 for violating regulations.
Jonni Hughes Cadet of the Year - Callum Humphries from Widnes ?
Each cadet unit meets for one evening per week throughout the academic year, where they follow the National Police Cadet curriculum and take part in team-building activities.
The most important trophy of the college, the Champion House Trophy was given away to Ghazali House which was received by House Captain Abdullah Tayyab and Cadet Haider Ali.
The event also witnessed the passing out and graduation of 613 cadets and graduates from the institution's three schools.
The Royal Air Force Air Cadets is open to all young people ages 12 (Year 8) to 18 and offers the opportunity for Cadets to experience many areas including flying, gliding, target shooting, leadership, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, visits and camps to active RAF stations across Europe, and much more.
In Hifz-i-Iqbal competition the first three positions were snatched by Cadet Niaz Gul of Cadet College Larkana, Muskan Bughio of Higher Secondary Model School Cadet College Larkana and Cadet Abdul Basit Mangi of Cadet College Pano Aqil, respectively.