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CADI. The name of a civil magistrate among the Turks.

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Two children were presented to him as olive merchants, and the Cadi addressed them.
If that is so," answered the little Cadi, "examine this vase, and tell me how long the olives have been in it.
The olive merchants pretended to examine the olives and taste them; then reported to the Cadi that they were fresh and good.
The accused merchant opened his mouth as if to protest, but the Cadi gave him no time.
Summon also the Cadi, to learn his duty from the mouth of a child.
Three boys appeared, and the grand-vizir inquired which had represented the Cadi in their game of the previous evening.
Ali Cogia and the merchant pleaded one after the other, but when the merchant offered to swear the same oath that he had taken before the Cadi, he was stopped by the child, who said that before this was done he must first see the vase of olives.
The Caliph ordered the Cadi to learn how to deal out justice from the mouth of a child, and sent the boy home, with a purse containing a hundred pieces of gold as a mark of his favour.
Anyone interested can contact Cadi Evanson on 01407 765800.
When Cadi was born a year ago she suffered a seizure at six days old.
Cardiff Acne Disability Index (CADI) All the enrolled patients with acne above the age of 13 years completed CADI questionnaire made available in Hindi.
With the new tags, SATO and Cadi provide accurate and complete temperature history from one end of the supply chain to the other.