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Treatment: For facial cafe-au-lait spots, laser therapy is an option.
of patients having CNS disorders Total skin lesion % Epilepsy 20 11 22.4 Hemiplegia 15 7 14.2 Paraplegia 24 20 40.8 Parkinsonism 6 4 8.16 Quadriplegia 2 1 2.04 Head injury 2 1 2.04 Trigeminal neuralgia 4 3 6.12 Bell's palsy 5 2 4.08 Total 78 49 62.82 Table.2 :Dermatosis in Epilepsy Dermatosis Total Cafe-au-lait spots 2 Adenoma sebaceum 2 Acne vulgaris 2 Leuconychia 1 Gum hyperplasia 1 Linear scar 1 Tinea cruris 2 Total 11 Table.3 : Dermatosis in Hemiplegia Dermatosis Total Blisters / contact 2 dermatitis Bed sores 1 Tinea cruris & 3 corporis Urticaria 1 Total 7 Table.
It is characterized by cutaneous findings, most notably cafe-au-lait spots and axillary freckling, osseous dysplasia, and benign and malignant nervous system tumors, and neurofibromas in particular.
She had a known history of von Recklinghausen's disease with multiple cafe-au-lait spots. Buttock pain was not associated with fever or impaired general conditions or other axial/peripheral articular manifestations.
Cafe-au-lait spots, pigmented, light brown macules located on nerves, with smooth edges (coast of California) (12) http://en.
It must include the following manifestations: 6 or more cafe-au-lait spots: 1.5 cm or larger in post-pubescent age, or 0.5 or larger in pre-pubescent age.
The skin examination revealed multiple papilloma lesions of 0.5 to 5 centimeters in diameter located on the anterior and posterior thorax, abdomen and upper limbs that were interpreted as neurofibromas, along with cafe-au-lait spots and axillary freckling (Figure 1).
The bony lesions, involved gonads, and cafe-au-lait spots are typically all on the same side of the body.
* Cafe-au-lait spots are well-circumscribed, evenly pigmented, light to dark brown macules and/or patches with an average size of 2 to 5 cm (FIGURE 1B).
On physical examination, there were multiple cafe-au-lait spots and presence of axillary freckles.