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His son Peter Cain, 55, said: "I am very proud of my father.
But instead of being relieved, Moira questions the timing of the news and starts to wonder if Cain accepted Kim's offer after all.
A further victim was assaulted by Cain between May 2005 and November 2011 and was slapped on the face, grabbed by the throat and pinned against a wall.
Charity's wheelchair-bound husband Chris Tate is heartbroken when he sees his wife passionately kissing arch-enemy Cain on the lawn outside Home Farm.
Mr Mikhail hopes Cains will become a Mersey equivalent to the Guinness brewery in Dublin, one of that city's biggest tourist attractions, and that its venues could ultimately employ 200.
Cain wasn't the only state lawmaker on Texas Southern's campus Monday.
Genesis Rabbah (22:5) explains that Cain's offering was rejected because he did not bring from the fat of the land as opposed to Abel who brought from the fattest sheep, an approach quoted by Rashi.
PSC Executive Director Guillermo Iroy said Cain's stipend was approved after a recent board meeting.
The new fundraising campaign has been launched via Kickstarter, and is looking to raise PS25,000 so Mr Cain can embark on creating four new lines of watches.
Cain delivered a breakout season during Kansas City's dash to the playoffs, playing a career-high 133 games and batting .301 in 2014, the only Royals regular to hit above .300.
Daddy Cain's been a busy boy and this week his baby-making exploits catch up with him.