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Henshall's work developed from this and, with her surveys, the discussion of ring cairns and recumbent stone circles.
The arresting striped figures in the sites to which Cairns is taken are an enduring if enigmatic record of the actors in the stories, while Harney challenges Cairns to both understand and explain his own Wume painting.
Cairns said she filed for Chapter 13 reorganization for bankruptcy protection.
It could likely accommodate the claims of urban Aboriginals, many of whom, as Cairns rightly argues, feel excluded from the current discourse centred on nation-based self-government (p.
Cairns was also a member of Eastbank Academy Hockey Club.
If your bare-root plant has any new shoots, break them off, Cairns adviseD, or they'll just rob moisture from the roots, which must work hard to become established before the top of the plant sends out leaves and flowers.
Cairns does not turn 29 until next month, but he has been on the international stage for 10 years.
The childhood experiences of Whitlam and Cairns were also to be critical in shaping their contrasting political styles.
SEATTLE -- Opening announcement for The Cairns, a new environmentally-friendly apartment home complex and upscale retail facility in the Cascade neighborhood south of Lake Union, opening November 1, 2005
At the last end, Cairns led a foot wood but Scott rested on the jack and just moved it a few inches to the side, leaving Cairns a really difficult opportunity.
The 2014-15 State Budget continues to deliver a strong plan for a brighter future for all of Queensland, including the Cairns region.
The circumstances of Cairns' exit from ICL in 2008 was the focus of a highly publicised British high court libel case in 2012 with Cairns winning damages against Indian cricket powerbroker Lalit Modi.