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CalCars has built prototype PHEVs and is harnessing the collective vision and purchasing power of individuals and corporate and government fleets.
This concept started out as an environmentalist's dream, propelled by activists like Felix Kramer of Calcars.
Sample of Speakers Presenting at the Clean Energy Venture Summit James Woolsey - Former CIA Director Dick Gephardt - CEO of Gephardt Group Gary Cowger - Group VP of General Motors Jerry Patterson - Texas General Land Office Will Wynn - Mayor of Austin Paul Dickerson - Department of Energy Andres Carvallo - Austin Energy Robert Howard - Pacific Gas & Electric Humayun Tai - McKinsey & Company Kevin Klein - Freescale Paul Thomas - Green Mountain Energy Annette Finsterbusch - Applied Materials Felix Kramer - CalCars.
Boschert does an admirable job of explaining the technology in easy-to-follow language, and introduces a memorable set of characters, including the very effective plug-in booster Felix Kramer of CalCars.
CalCars has been collaborating with Electro Energy to apply its bi-polar battery design to PHEVs.
CalCars explains that when gas prices reach $3 per gallon, traditional cars cost eight to 20 cents per mile.